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Rana Abu Atta: in her twenties breaks into the chocolate production

 Abu Atta, still in her twenties, opened a shop to market her own products of chocolate and candy bars, in Jabal Tareq region in Zarqa, and today she contributes with her mother to bear the responsibility for the family's expenses, as her monthly income is 600 dinars. The perseverance of the separated mother from the father bore the burden of a family of four, about 15 years ago, in which the eldest son is cerebral palsy, an incentive for the daughter, to enter working life by undergoing a training course in the production of sweets, which she mastered, especially chocolate.

Rana Abu Atta's mother told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) that since the fifth grade of primary school, Rana has been passionate about the kitchen and making sweets, and in the tenth grade, she began to help me financially by working as a saleswoman during the holidays, as well as taking care of her disabled brother. Later, the mother adds, Rana advanced to the e-learning project, which was implemented by (NAJMAH) in cooperation with the World Food Programme, and includes a course on project management, in addition to marketing through social media.

Rana Abu Atta initiated the creation of a page on “Facebook” to market her products, followed by a thousand people, explaining that her mother helped her deliver orders to the city of Amman and nearby areas such as Fuhais, Mahis and Rusaifa, while the remote areas were arranged in a way that suits the buyer, while The requests from outside Jordan, such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and the West Bank, were delivered via express mail services, or through delivery to the acquaintances of customers residing in Amman and traveling to these areas. 

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