Warda Abu Alloush

Warda Abu Alloush is a female participant who benefited from the third phase of our project FFA, which aimed to empower the participants with skills related to light maintenance to increase their monthly income. Warda had no previous experience in rehabilitation nor maintenance activities what so ever, upon proper training and with time; she started excelling in maintenance and rehabilitation in a noticeable way.

Defying all obstacles, Warda decided to start her own business on a small scale along with some of her colleagues in the group. So far, their monthly income has improved significantly in comparison to before. The group led by Warda has learned skills which empowered them to have a decent income, provide for their families and has improved their livelihoods remarkably.

Through WFP, Warda was chosen as the winner of the Women Stop Hunger Awards, she received cash support of 10,000 Euros in grants, which has enabled her to carry out numerous projects. She was able to develop her scope of work and purchased a transportation vehicle and premium tools that helped her expand her business.

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