About us

1) Develop a creative system of the standard pioneering interventions (Pilot projects) to deal with the issue of hunger and malnutrition and presenting them as the best practices and guidelines both national and international. 

2) Develop the national and international partnerships, to draw more attention to the issue of hunger and malnutrition in Jordan and connect it to the local and global funding opportunities.  

3) Empowering the society and raising the level of awareness in terms of the importance of fighting hunger and malnutrition in Jordan, focusing on its roots and not necessarily its symptoms and effects. Also, working in parallel in activating the productive role of women in the society through empowering them as an active and essential component of the society and in NAJMAH’s projects.


NAJMAH seeks to achieve the lowest level of hunger and malnutrition in Jordan by creating productive Jordanian citizens, through working with governmental and semi-governmental local institutions, as well as civil society organizations that are actively working in this field.


NAJMAH aims to fight hunger and malnutrition through an innovative methodology that integrates institutions and individuals on a national, regional and global level.

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