General maintenance, hydroponics and gardens training

Through the Livelihood Support Project, in cooperation with the WFP and both Ministry of Education and Health. First phase included maintenance of public buildings (schools and health centers), second and third phases came to complete what we started, covering the rest of schools and health centers, and for the fourth phase consisted of three stages: maintenance of schools, school gardens and hydroponics.   


School gardens

Considering the presence of unexploited green areas in schools, and from an educational perspective, NAJMAH initiated a professional study for these areas conducted by a specialized engineer, aiming to cover them with plants that are compatible with each region separately (geographically and climatically), therefore some fruitful as well as ornamental and aromatic plants were cultivated in those areas. Also, irrigation systems and a water harvesting systems were installed in order to take advantage of the rain water. 



This concept was introduced to schools in coordination with NAJMAH’s strategic partner WFP, with the purpose of achieving productive and educational goals for the schools’ students, the local community, and schools’ staff. Taking into consideration that the rate of plant growth in hydroponics is greater as well as faster, in addition to the fact that it saves a large amount of water considering the lack and scarcity of water in Jordan and the possibility of planting it on the schools’ rooftops for the most appropriate exploitation of the spaces.